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Articles and Essays

Oil Pulling
February 2015
A happy mouth can make your whole body smile.
The Neti Pot
June 2014
Keep your nose clean...literally, with this ancient little device.
Addendum to "The Neti Pot": A Chinese Medicinal Perspective
February 2015
*extracted from the original article, June 2014
  The Cal/Mag/D3 Debacle
April 2014
Casting some light on Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D.
  Colloidal Silver
January 2014
Safe, effective, and cheap: Colloidal Silver is a no brainer.
  Acupuncture — Tending the Human Landscape
November 2002
An introduction to Five Element Acupuncture.
  A Warm Spleen is a Happy Spleen
October 2003
A simple introduction to Chinese Dietary Therapy.
  Oh, My Achin’ Back
March 2004
Back pain 101
  Winter… it’s not just for breakfast anymore
December 2005
Thoughts on winter.
  Springtime in the Human Landscape
March 2003
An essay about spring.
  Got Spring?
Spring 2002
Another springtime essay.
  Fire in the Treatment Room
July 2002
A mildly humorous delve into the energies of summertime.
  Autumn in the Human Landscape
September 2004
An essay on autumn and the Metal element.

The Diagnosis Dilemma Part 1, November 2005
The Diagnosis Dilemma Part 2
, July 2006
Two essays on navigating the healing process