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Got Spring?

At long last the winter snows appear to have gone their way. Even before the calendar said it was spring I distinctly remember heading out to work one icy morning and being taken by the quality of springtime in the air. The sky was brighter. The air was warmer. The trees were reaching out towards the sun. On my way into work that day I thought it would be a good idea to begin to put some ideas down for a springtime letter to send to all of my clients. Then it snowed again, and again. I sat down to write anyhow, getting little to nothing down on paper, more pondering than anything else. Inwardly though, I knew that the possibilities that I had been germinating would soon take shape and form. The potential was beginning to turn kinetic, the Yin to Yang. The barely perceptible rising up to makes its presence known.

The gifts of listening, stillness and quiet, which endow the winter months, renew and replenish all of life and empower the awakening of springtime. Like a new day or a new lifetime, we open our eyes, look around then take action. Through our eyes we are granted the gifts of vision, insight, perspective and imagination. They provide clarity, focus and distinction. We create plans and make the appropriate decisions with which to bring them forth with timeliness and precision. Springtime is about animation, about smoothly moving upward and outward, with strength and flexibility. Through our muscular forces, we have the means with which to assert or retreat, both physically and psychospiritually.

Occurring annually, as its most obvious incarnation, springtime - or the Wood phase within the Five Element model - is present anytime growth, direction, clarity, assertion, planning or decision making takes place. Our plans provide a pathway between our Water and our Fire, between our primal, inborn potential and our fullest expression, between our winter and our summer.

Like trees, we reach for the sun and blossom by expressing ourselves. We are held and nourished by the earth - by those who care for us. We are continually shaped by the quality of the space that we exist within, and by what we receive from it as inspiration. When we encounter obstacles such as rock, we are capable of effortless changes in direction - no frustration, no resentment. Even in springtime, the most potentially active season, we continue to drink deeply from the waters of possibility and renewal. Now our endeavors, resilient and flexible, can thrive through the abrupt changes the season has to offer. Be it strong winds, or a warm spell followed by a deep freeze, we as nature, are being called upon to remain flexible and strong, to be patient and enthusiastic, as we move along our chosen paths towards the summertime of our fullest expression.

Spring 2002


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