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Colloidal Silver:

Silver, that shiny, versatile, precious metal, has been revered for its medicinal properties since ancient times. The Chinese used it thousands of years ago. Hippocrates wrote of it. The Phoenicians recognized its antimicrobial value by storing water and wine in silver vessels to prevent spoiling. In early 20th century America prior to refrigeration, it was common practice for sailors, settlers, soldiers, and everyday folk to place a silver coin in a container of fresh milk or water to prevent bacteria from growing. Being “born with a silver spoon in your mouth” meant not only that your family was wealthy, but that you’d be less susceptible to disease than the wooden spooned lower classes.

Today, Colloidal Silver, microscopic silver particles suspended in water, is widely used throughout the world, as a safe, effective, and cheap internal and external antimicrobial remedy. It completely kills harmful single-celled microbes by disabling the enzyme that bacteria, virus and fungi require for their oxygen metabolism. The pathogen gets suffocated to death, while no harm is done to healthy cells, tissues, or body chemistry.

The use of Colloidal Silver is a safe, cheap, and completely natural remedy for numerous ailments, and is something that I feel no medicine cabinet or first aid kit should be without. It’s an absolute no brainer. At recommended doses it works better than antibiotics with zero side effects and no known drug interactions. From colds and flu’s, to cuts or candida and beyond, Colloidal Silver can be an important step in your healing process. Like Chinese Medicine, it sets your body into motion to do the appropriate thing, and only the appropriate thing, which in this case is to only kill the pathogen. Once that’s taken care of, your body can easily eliminate the dead cells, and can focus on healing without having to deal with a pathogen.

Prior to the late 1930’s, Colloidal Silver was used widely and regularly in this country as a general remedy. It could be purchased at any pharmacy. Doctors held it in the highest regard, as a cutting edge treatment option. It was a staple in every household and was as integral a part of our culture as band-aids. Today, it’s available to purchase at your health food store or online. But better yet, you can make it at home very inexpensively to keep yourself, your family, friends, pets, plants and gardens, healthy and vital. As common as it would seem, very few of my patients have ever heard of Colloidal Silver - surprising, but sadly, no surprise at all.

The 20th century saw the advent of the antibiotic age and the pharmaceutical industry. Since 1938, the FDA has been on a steady mission to vilify Colloidal Silver, claiming that it’s toxic and potentially very harmful when ingested. Well, based on silver’s exceptional history, and undeniable, nontoxic efficacy, the FDA’s claims fall far from the truth. So no, we don’t see commercials for Colloidal Silver generators on the tele, as this un-patentable elixir continues to pose a serious threat to the profit driven pharmaceutical industry; such a threat that the EU has managed to ban the sale of it across Europe.

The fact is, Colloidal Silver out performs popular, over-prescribed, and often harmful antibiotic therapies. It proved effective against all 650 pathogenic microbes that it was tested against, compared to a standard antibiotic, which may be effective against just a handful. Believe it or not, it has even been found to be effective against those crazy new drug resistant super bugs that everyone’s supposed to be so afraid of. Fear not. It keeps getting better: unlike antibiotics, Colloidal Silver does not destroy the “good” bacteria in our gut, weaken our immune systems, or leave a whole bunch of “schmootz” behind that will never be dealt with, and which can rear its ugly head again and again with the right triggers, as a recurrent infection.

From the Chinese perspective, antibiotics compromise our spleen, and therefore our digestion. Spleen loves warm, and a nice warm Spleen fire is always what’s needed to digest or cook down our food, appropriately. Antibiotics don’t discern between good healthy fire and a raging infection. They just scatter cold everywhere. Spleen takes the hit and our digestion is often first to respond. We can become damp, sluggish, dull, and less able to assimilate, leading to more dampness, more accumulation. With Colloidal Silver, there are no side effects.

Another important aspect of silver is its ability to conduct electricity, as displayed by its presence in every single electronic device on the planet. The body is electrical in nature, and as such, qi can be measured electrically. All communications and functions depend upon appropriate conduction, so, when we take Colloidal Silver internally, we are optimizing system-wide communications and functioning.


I take two full droppers of Colloidal Silver orally, 2 – 3 times a day, when I feel the potential onset of a bug, or just when my energy is consistently low. I also add a dropper full to my netti pot and like to snort a drop up into each nostril. I’ve never taken it for more than a couple of weeks at a time, and like most remedies, unless it’s warranted, I don’t suggest doing so.

As always, do your own research, consult your doctor, and listen to your gut. Please understand that the contents of this article are based on my own opinion, research, observations and personal experience, none of which constitutes medical advice.

January 2014

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