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About Dave

Dave Ostrowski has been practicing Acupuncture in the Saratoga Springs area since 1997. He received his master’s degree in Acupuncture from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute – now Maryland University of Integrative Health - in Laurel, Maryland.

The intentional, principled environment of TAI provided a solid foundation in the world of The Five Elements, an ancient philosophy that acknowledges human beings as microcosms of nature. According to this school of thought, all experience on every level is seen as a manifestation of the same forces that create and govern the landscape. Dave describes this style as elegant and graceful – a cultivation process. It enables him to have tremendous creative freedom and spontaneity in the treatment room and is a perfect fit for Dave’s lifelong love of art, music and nature.

In the winter of 1999, Dave attended a pivotal seminar with Dr. Richard Tan, and immediately began applying the real-time-noticeable-results approach of the Balance Method to the wonder of a Five Element treatment. The principles of the Balance Method wove beautifully into the fabric of The Five Elements, and launched Dave into a new world of creative possibilities. He now had the ability to address specific issues while deeply nourishing the patient at his or her deepest levels.

From early on at TAI, Dave knew that he wanted to broaden the “hands-on” aspect of his practice. In the summer of 2006, Dave studied and became certified in Tui Na Oriental Bodywork. At once, his blend of Acupuncture and Tui Na transformed the treatment room into a dynamic experience - one that has become a patient, and practitioner favorite.

Dave brings to his practice a lifetime of passion for the arts. He attained his bachelors degree in music composition from the Berklee College of Music, in Boston Massachusetts in 1989. He is passionate about writing and recording, and among other things has been working on a piece entitled Circle Of Dreams, an expanded version of a solo guitar piece he wrote while attending TAI - a musical interpretation of the movements of the seasons and elements of nature. You can listen to some of Dave's music at his Sound Cloud page. Circle of Dreams was originally entitled The Human Landscape, and has since become a series of published essays. To top it all off, Dave's proudest creation is two of the most lovely daughters a man could ever ask for.